2021 dental office design trends and considerations

2021 dental office design trends and considerationsStarting a new dental practice, or revamping an existing one, can be an extremely exciting new chapter for most.  But as dentists embark upon this new journey, most will soon find themselves overwhelmed by the degree of detail surrounding every aspect of dental office design trends.

One detail in particular when revamping or starting a new practice that cannot be ignored is what the office looks like.  Dental office design is so much more complicated than just buying a few waiting room chairs and rolling up some wallpaper on the walls, rather, it’s about creating the right space that not only satisfies those who are visiting, but also those who are contemplating becoming a patient.

That’s why dental office design is so important, especially in 2021 where almost everything is visual.  In today’s world, creating your new space is no longer about you expressing your inner Picasso, but about using dental office design as a marketing tool to attract the right demographic to your practice, while differentiating yourself from your competition.

For those determined to carve themselves a niche and attract quality patients, following the science of branding and patient psychology is key when building out your space.  Here are some things to keep in mind for your dental office design trends to be successful.

Open it up for a brighter experience

2021 and 2022 trends all point to brighter and more open spaces.  Although smaller, darker, and dingier offices tend to be more budget-friendly, once you move into a depressing space, you’re stuck.  No matter how many posters of the bright blue sky you put up on the walls, or how many light fixtures you put up to add artificial light, you cannot change the location of your office, nor can you change its character.  Aim for a bright office in a highly desirable location because psychologically, people feel more at ease in spaces that aren’t confined or dark.  Sunshine tends to calm nerves and create a more positive vibe.

Welcome your visitors, and then some

Now that you have a great space, do all you can to make for a welcoming atmosphere.  The human brain processes millions of visual cues every minute, so make sure the patient’s journey from the front door to the reception desk, and back into the dental suites is as welcoming, charming, and positive as possible.  Consider memorable accent walls, a bit of personality with your artwork, flooring that screams quality, and furniture that mimics the lobby of a high-end resort.  By paying attention to every interior design detail, you are creating comfort and a sense of value in convincing new patients to feel they have arrived at their sought-after destination. Don’t cut quality, because every detail will make a lasting impression.

Proudly show them who you are

Nothing is more powerful than a powerful brand that lets patients know you’re the best. Ensure your brand is present in every corner of the practice.  From a well-designed logo that extends onto the walls, to patient forms, business stationery, and brochures that follow a cohesive look, all pieces help to establish your superiority over your competition. Your brand elements and colors must be used tastefully to engrain themselves into the minds of your visitors.  Studies show a well-branded practice is 6 times more likely to receive repeat business, not just because they’re more memorable, but also because they create a sense of superiority over less branded practices.

Beautiful spaces for everyone to enjoy

Don’t just polish the front of the house, because every part of the office matters. Make sure your dental office design  covers every room of the practice to not just work towards satisfying your clients, but also your team.  Having a beautiful bathroom, break room, or supply closet goes a lot further than you can imagine.  Studies show that well-designed back-offices and employee access areas can either create a stronger sense of professionalism, respect, and responsibility, or work towards devaluing the workplace.

Dental office design really matters

With 75% of the population fearful of dentists, it has now become an essential part of success to tend to your image, and treating how people see you as an x-factor in converting potential patients into paying patients.  Long gone are the days where people took their time to research various dental offices in detail.  Today, people are more judgmental than ever before and make decisions based on looks.  As an example, a dental website that is well designed and portrays value will get up to 10x more inquiries than a poorly designed website.  A dental space that addresses fear by creating comfort and warmth through interior design gets up to 8x more bookings based on visual appeal alone.  So why not capitalize on image and make your dental office space the best in the industry?

Don’t forget, image plays a huge role in how people perceive dentists nowadays.  Stop making the same mistakes as some dentists who feel their skills should be enough to fill the waiting room chairs.  Today’s images savvy patients have the world at their fingertips, and can quickly flip through dozens of offices to find one that feels right to them.

Invest in your image, invest in your brand, and invest in your dental office design by hiring the right professionals who know what it takes to make your drab office into the next go-to dental practice.

If you are a startup, a struggling dentist, or even a successful one who wants to grow your practice into a more thriving one, contact Designwise today for a complimentary initial consultation to see if our services are right for you. With everything ranging from business coaching, and strategy, to architectural drawings, 3D renderings, full dental office interior design services, permits, construction, and now branding and digital marketing services, we are sure we can add tremendous value to your dental practice, turning passive visitors into quality new patients who are eager to come in and take care of their dental work. Call us today.