The story of our complete branding campaign to help designwise reach a national audience of dentists

Complete branding campaignIt has been several years since Greg Marinelli started his high-end interior design business, focusing on helping dental practices with complete office makeovers to allow dentists to reinvent themselves through custom design solutions. Such office revamps have allowed hundreds of dentists nationwide to enjoy a greater level of success by eliminating patient anxiety through well-crafted and superbly executed interior design campaigns.

Greg and his team have always worked under the Greg Marinelli brand, but as the company expands into a stronger national spotlight, a need for a new brand and marketing campaign became apparent.

“We have been so busy working with our incredible dentist clients that we somehow forgot to keep up with our own branding and marketing needs the way we need to” said Greg Marinelli who found the firm in 2014. “We are growing fast and more dentists are asking for our help, which is incredible, but as we grow, I realized it was time to part ways with the Greg Marinelli brand in favor of a more descriptive, fun, and vibrant brand that can help us reach a much larger audience moving forward.”

hiring a branding agency

In searching for a branding agency, Greg looked for a firm that shared his values and vision. After interviewing several agencies in Southern California, Graphicwise International Inc. was selected to take over the branding and marketing duties.

With no name in place, Graphicwise recommended the name Designwise, a meaningful and descriptive name that immediately gained the acceptance of not just Greg, but an online focus group. It didn’t take long after that for Graphicwise to develop a logo, define the corporate colors and fonts, and slowly make Designwise come to life. The design of business stationery, brochures, and a website topped off the campaign, enabling Designwise to make a huge impact in 2021.

refining the dental office design business model

Greg has always been keen on helping dentists redefine their space for a more fluid and calming experience, drawing in patients and helping dental practices thrive. He understands patients’ psychological barriers, and through customized and effective design solutions, has been able to turn fearful patients into ones who can’t wait to see their dentist.

As Designwise gets ready for its official relaunch in 2021, Greg has been busy redefining his mission and service offerings to better help dentists find greater success. In working with Graphicwise, it became apparent that by expanding on his core design services to include branding and digital marketing, he will be able to offer quite a bit more help to struggling dental offices.

“We have been focused on interior design and exterior design, and now we are confident in being able to take this even one step further and offer our clients branding and digital marketing services as well” said Greg. “It only makes sense to revamp the entire image from start to finish, and be able to not just create a beautiful space, but a beautiful brand, a beautiful website, and even an aggressive digital marketing campaign once the redesign is complete to bring attention to the office and make it explode with new quality patients!”

what to expect from designwise in 2021?

With its new brand in place, and a digital marketing campaign set to begin shortly, Designwise is ready to compete on a national level, but that doesn’t mean the firm will sacrifice quality. As the agency gets more notoriety, it is more important than ever to maintain and even elevate the quality of service and detail to ensure each client is given the great care and service they deserve.

“Our growth doesn’t mean we’ll inherit a quantity mentality. As a matter of fact, it is our goal to remain focused on working with one client at a time. This enables us to continue doing what we’ve been doing for years – which is to devote all our collective energy, focus, and hard work in helping every client achieve their goals without distractions or being pressed for time” Greg said, adding “We started as a family agency with certain values and promises, and we’re going to keep that for as long as we are in business.”

If you are a startup, a struggling dentist, or even a successful one who wants to grow your practice into a more thriving one, contact Designwise today for a complimentary initial consultation to see if our services are right for you. With everything ranging from business coaching, and strategy, to architectural drawings, 3D renderings, full dental office layout design services, permits, construction, and now branding and digital marketing services, we are sure we can add tremendous value to your dental practice, turning passive visitors into quality new patients who are eager to come in and take care of their dental work. Call us today.