transforming the dental experience through great dental office design

Transforming the Dental Experience Through Great Dental Office Design - Designwise
What do most patients imagine when they think of a dentist office? Stark white walls that feel cold and lifeless? Drab medical posters that serve little use? Antiquated decor and furniture that is uncomfortable?

At Designwise Interiors, an award winning dental office design studio, we are on a mission to change that.

Create Outstanding Patient Experiences

According to focus group studies, 75% of American adults are anxious about visiting a dentist. They are scared off by the perception of pain and discomfort that is associated with an unwelcoming and uncomfortable dental space. Rather than basing their judgements off of their actual experiences with the hygienists and dentists, their thoughts are clouded by past memories and associations with discomfort. Negative feelings can be triggered by the ambience and smells associated with a dental office or hospital. However, many of these things can be remedied through modern design.

Studies also show that 90% of potential patients consider the ambience, decorations, and the overall environment of the dental office as significant factors in selecting a dentist. In today’s market, dentist offices have to be innovative and stand out from their competitors in order to provide noteworthy service and a positive experience that will attract potential patients and keep them coming back. Interior design has a huge influence on customer satisfaction, an effect that is mediated by emotions and perceived value that are subconscious to the viewer. The design of the space significantly affects the patient’s every judgement regarding the quality of the service and care. By creating an office interior design and atmosphere that is attractive and distinctive, you increase the perceived value of the dental practice and therefore increase customer satisfaction and return rate.

Having a pleasant office space shows to the patients that you have good judgement, are sensible, skillful, and modern. It shows that you care about the customers and care about providing quality service and a positive experience. These subconscious impressions and judgements made by the customers go a long way in promoting feelings of comfort, calm, and gratification when going to the dentist. You want your patients to feel happy about their decision to take care of their bodies, have their teeth cleaned, and leave with a bright, shining smile, instead of feeling fearful and anxious. A welcoming and comfortable space and atmosphere contributes to those feelings and creates an enjoyable experience.

Create an Amazing Work Space

In addition to significantly improving the experience of the patients, having a well designed dental office will also improve the experience and quality of life of your dentists, hygienists and staff members. Research in behavioral analysis in the work place has shown that an aesthetically appealing workplace has a positive effect on employees’ productivity and overall satisfaction with their job. In addition, the interior design of the workplace can be a tool to help attract and keep employees; in one study, employees and job seekers said the physical environment is one of the top three factors that affect their decisions to accept or leave jobs.

Hygienists and employees that are happy with where they work will treat their patients better and further promote a positive dental experience, leading to an ongoing stream of happy customers. An attractive and uniquely creative dental office design can truly transform your dental office and create business growth for years to come.

If you are a startup, a struggling dentist, or even a successful one who wants to grow your practice into a more thriving one, contact Designwise today for a complimentary initial consultation to see if our services are right for you. With everything ranging from business coaching, and strategy, to architectural drawings, 3D renderings, full dental office design services, permits, construction, and now branding and digital marketing services, we are sure we can add tremendous value to your dental practice, turning passive visitors into quality new patients who are eager to come in and take care of their dental work. Call us today.